Taxing Temptations – Taming or Torment?

You filed with the feds, but would you ante up to get a fix from your favorite food vices?


That last hike in cigarette prices was enough to motivate more smokers to quit  and programs to help reported a surge in calls on their hotline.

But would a tax on sugary sodas, candy or “junk” food help tame those desires, inspiring discipline to limit them in better balance? or does it just create a more tormented backlash about individual choice and the blame game for public health woes?

File your returns on it here.

And though “junk food” tax tends to be a state and municipal issue, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines are up for 2010 revisions and now is your chance to speak up by submitting comments on-line. Attend the 3rd meeting of their advisory committee— a webinar open to the public — to be held April 29-30 2009 by registering at their site.


Thoughts To Chew On

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