Domino® Sugar debuts Certified CarbonFree®

‘Tis a season for sweet treats – would you buy this for your baking, beverage or any sweetening just because its carbon footprint is “neutral”?


domino-carbonfree-bag5Domino® Sugar Certified CarbonFree®



One Response

  1. Fundamentally, my thought is positive since carbon footprint of any product can be quantified very easily. This is different from organic labeling which has, from a consumer perspective, become confusing.

    But, to label it “CarbonFree” is like false advertising since, (arguably) no product can be delivered without a carbon footprint.

    Now, if it was labeled “Certified Carbon Count” and the quantified number was indicated on the label, it would get me more excited, allow me to compare and be more inclined to buying the product.

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