Would flavorful function win over better tasting personal preference?

A recent Nutritional Food Pairings article has me wondering – how much of a selling feature is such a concept? 

Nutrient synergies are hardly a new finding. I still recall from my ’80s clinical training that iron is better absorbed with a vitamin C rich food, or even just the acidity – like from ground beef browned in a cast iron skilled and cooked in tomato sauce.

 If a tasty meal is planned with nutritional pairing would it be chosen over selections more appealing by personal preference that didn’t have the extra health benefit of a higher functioning combo?

 Like salmon served with polyphenol rich grapes that protect the omega-3 – would knowing that edge out the same fish dish served with seasoned sliced tomatoes if the latter was your more flavor-satisfying desire? salmon-and-vegetables

 How much of an influence does a value-added health plus have?

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